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Lady GaGa & Beyonce, 2 collabs, 2 hq download links!

Lady GaGa featuring beyonce – Telephone has Just surfaced along with Beyonce’s new single featuring Lady GaGa – Video phone.

Heres a short review of Beyonce’s Video Phone
In effect Video Phone is alot like Beyonce’s earlier single Diva except this one of course has Lady GaGa in it and is missing that ‘ima ima a diva’ type of hook. This time around its the words ‘video phone’ repeated over and over. Its a cute track, its nothing to Sweet Dreams and Single Ladies however. Then again this is just from one listen.

and Heres Lady GaGa’s Telephone
This particular track is fraught with house like synth and a stable beat and in typical GaGa style it has a nice hook to it. Beyonce’s verse is pretty cool as well. In my opinion Telephone definately wins over Video Phone, to me it just seems more like a finished product where as Video Phone is missing a few key elements, like a good hook and a stable beat to move to.

anyway decide for yourself

Beyonce ft. Lady GaGa – Videophone

Lady GaGa ft. Beyonce – Telephone


Lady GaGa Bad Romance Video HD Youtube

Sneak peek of the new Lady GaGa video – Bad Romance – AMAZING
November 8, 2009, 9:30 am
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She looks beautiful!

Rihanna breaks silence about Chris Brown beating in interview
November 6, 2009, 6:53 am
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Nine months after she was assaulted by Chris Brown, Rihanna finally opens up about the night that left her bruised and bloody.

“This happened to me. … It can happen to anyone,” the singer, 21, tells Diane Sawyer in an interview airing Thursday on Good Morning America and on 20/20 on Friday.

Rihanna says it was particularly difficult because of the special place Brown held in her heart: “He was definitely my first big love.”

Both singers have worked to move on. Brown is serving a community labor sentence in Virginia and working on new music for an album titled Graffiti that will drop Dec. 15. Rihanna is shaking things up with her edgy fashion and releasing her fourth album, Rated R, on Nov. 23. The album’s first single “Russian Roulette” debuted last week.

My Halloween Costume… of course it was GaGa!
November 5, 2009, 9:29 pm
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here is the original

Beyonce & Lady GaGa = 2 collaborations

Lady GaGa’s collaborative effort with Beyonce on her single “Video Phone” will be out today, November 5th. So, at anytime expect an early leak or the official debut. It’s supposed to be some sort of remix that incorporates Lady GaGa in the mix of a song that, really, is not that great.

This is exchange for a cameo on GaGa’s The Fame Monster called “Telephone,” which is the only song produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins.

I Am… Lady Fierce!

Jon Gosselin, Balloon Boy’s Father, Michael Lohan – BAD FATHERS

Who’s the Worst Father Ever: Jon Gosselin, Richard Heene or Michael Lohan?

There are plenty of good fathers out there, and we laud their efforts. But unfortunately, some of the poorest ones have been dominating news cycles of late.

None garners headlines quite like Jon Gosselin. In the last six months, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad has gone through a ultimate midlife crisis like no other.

Before you just hand the Ed Hardy-wearing, mediocre skirt-chasing d-bag the title of Worst Father Ever, however, consider some of his recent competition.

There’s Richard Heene, a.k.a. Balloon Boy’s dad, who exploited his six-year-old, local law enforcement and the National Guard. All for his reality TV dream.

Then there’s Michael Lohan, who’s done time, failed to pay child support, and whose eldest train wreck is unlikely to survive too long the way she’s going.

What say you? who is the worst father of Oct 2009?